Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’ meaning ‘to yoke’ or to be in union. Thus, yoga is ‘the yoking of’ or the realization of Unity between the individual self and Divine Self. This process of yoga is several thousands of years old and is still widely practiced.


Some principles that are part of the Yamas are truthfulness, non-violence, and non-possessiveness. Some practices of the Niyamas are cleanliness of both the mind and body, contentment with what one has, self-discipline, etc.

Yes, Samadhi is a state of liberation or union with divinity, the ultimate objective of Yoga.

Dharana literally means “wearing” or in this context “fixating”, this pre-meditative state is fixating the mind onto an external object or an internal process such as fixating the mind on the breath. Dhyana is the meditative state itself, where the fixated mind begins to focus on the divinity by uttering a mantra or at times even without it.

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