The Indian National Mission for Manuscripts, in 2013, listed 3.5 million Hindu manuscripts out of the estimated 40 million in India. Over 60% of these have yet  to be translated for the first time.


No, However, based on one’s interest a particular text can be picked up on. Upanishads for deeply philosophical aspects, Itihaasas for illustrated anecdotes of Dharma is supposed to be practiced.

Smriti texts are largely contextual to the age and times they were written, However, they provide valuable information and serve as a guide for an ideal society.

Bhagavad gita offers the explanation that one seeks in it, it is theistic for a devotee in path of Bhakti yoga, it is philosophical for someone in path of Jnana yoga, it offers guidance for people engaged in Karma yoga as to how to perform their duties and the intent behind it, because of this universal appeal, it is most commonly known and revered.

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